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Wednesday 19 October 2011

McDonald's 1955 Burger - Peninsular Park Road, Charlton, London SE7 7TZ

McD's 1955 burger meal

I am a sucker for adverts and weirdly enough, with McDonald's, there doesn't usually even need to be adverts for me to want to have it. I could be on a bus and see an empty cup by the road, and that would be enough to make me want some chips from Maccy D's. Sometimes, I don't even require the empty cup, as images of Big Macs and McChickens float by voluntarily across the Slideshow that is my Imagination.

So you can imagine the amazingly successful effect a PAID advert by them would have on me. For a few weeks now, there has been a kinda catchy advert by them on telly, featuring Ray Bans and a 1955 burger. It starts off with a couple coming out of a suburban driveway in modern-ish clothing, and through their journey to the food haven that is Maccy D's, a transformation from Modern Day Joe to Greased Back Hair Henry (complete with sunnies because the weather has ultimately also gone through a change, who would've imagined) is going on. By the end of the advert, they're almost rocking the image of Sandy and Danny dancing and singing around a Double Cheeseburger.

How could I resist?

Having heard some OK reviews from a friend, we decided to try it out last week - on a sunny day, which always makes burgers taste better.

McD's 1955 burger meal

Having gone to our usual drive-through (which isn't the best one - consistency seems to be an issue here), we bought the 1955 Burger Meal to share. Pulled up at the nearest empty bay, and proceeded to take lots of pictures of chips - trying not to be worried by the stares from the other cars. I'm convinced they were worried - surely it doesn't take THAT long for both cars to finish their Value Meal.

McD's 1955 burger meal

How was the burger? As I probably shouldn't offend any other establishment by comparing a Maccy D burger to theirs, I shall use other Maccy D burgers as a benchmark. We'll call it the McMark.

(Note: I don't anything against Maccy D's as such, as I actually rather like them, but I know some people who really dislike them, so I'm assuming I musn't use them as a comparison against other burgers ...)

McD's 1955 burger meal

Comparing this to our favourite burger here, which is the cheeseburger (soft squishy bun, tangy pickle, plastic cheese and dry meat patty - love it), this 1955 burger just didn't impress. Yes, if I am impressed by the cheeseburger, you get the idea of how easily impressed I am.

I didn't like the amount of onions in this burger. Similar to what you get on hot dogs, there was just too much of the translucent slices in there to ignore. Usually I don't mind a bit of onions in burgers (like what you get in the Big Mac, which is a small portion of diced onions, covered in ketchup which makes everything taste alright), but almost every mouthful of this 1955 burger had onion in it.

The other thing which was annoying was the lack of any sort of sauce to help with the dryness of the meat. There was some sort of orange-coloured sauce by one side of the burger, so either the positioning of the sauce wasn't all that great, or they should up the amount of sauce they put in there.

Anyhow, for about a fiver, it fed us well, but I won't be buying this burger again anytime soon. Bring on the cheeseburgers.

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