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Friday 4 November 2011

NABM update - From Manchester to London to ...

Singapore and hopefully more of Asia!!!

The 10 of you who read this blog more than once a month would (maybe, perhaps, hopefully) know that the blog started originally in London, and sometimes feature food from Manchester (where we lived for 2 years). While I've not been to as many places as I'd hoped to in London, I guess we still managed to cover off quite a few places, maybe more so than if I didn't have this blog to push me forward.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in London, and the food's been great too. Of course, I could've done without the 'Tube angst', and 'Oxford St Scrum', but those aside, we've explored many places, eaten many things and met many new friends whom we'll hopefully keep in touch with in the future.

Our adventures will soon be taking us to Singapore (fingers crossed), and from there, perhaps all around Asia. As someone from Asia, I've not actually been to that many places in the region, but since discovering the exciting and colourful cuisine of Vietnam and Korea (from London), I would definitely like to try the cuisine for real.

If there are any of you reading from Asia, do drop me a line and maybe recommend me some of your favourite places so that I can move out of my food rut and try some new stuff!

Why Singapore?

1. Better weather

OK so maybe the picture above doesn't best represent it, but at least it's warm.

2. (Hopefully) better food Although that remains to be seen - I shall keep you updated.

3. Easier navigation of transport systems (left is Singapore, right is London)

Over the next few weeks, I won't be posting as much as before (not too difficult to achieve) because we're going to be travelling around Europe for a bit, before leaving the UK. As it takes roughly about 3 months for any internet connection to be set up wherever you are, I should hopefully have quite a lot of new material to blog about so hope you don't mind the temporary slowdown of posts!

Before we leave, special mention goes to the serving staff at Itsu (More London branch), who, despite my having been there on an (almost) daily basis since April, still don't try to second guess my lunch order, and always make me feel like I could surprise them with a different order (who are we kidding). Vegetable detox, please.

Over and out (for the time being).


KimHo said...

Sorry for saying this but... Suddenly you sound like a snowbird, hahaha!

monchichi said...

First intro to that word!

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