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Monday 12 December 2011

Phew It's Hot Here!

So anyway, it's been roughly a month since I last posted anything on this blog. In between dusting off the ... dust, and mopping up the sweat off my brows, I've also been travelling from the West to the East, packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, eating, settling in, trying to get accommodation, furniture, food, and also something to pay for all of the above.

Needless to say, it's been warm. Like 29 degrees Celcius warm. Every day.

I would do one of those *warm happy jump* expressions so favoured on texts and blogs to show cute emotions, but as I lack any of that sorta cuteness, I'll just probably say it out the way I would.

Warm happy jump.

But I've been eating, too. Not while jumping, of course, as that frequently results in appendicitis or something similar. I've been eating mainly in food courts, and in fact, been eating in the same mall for about five days straight.

Nothing too unusual, I suppose, for those who know me ... re: Itsu.

I'll trump this untrumpable post with something a little more pictorial in a bit - as soon as I get round to downloading the pics of the dSLR. The places we've been dining at have not been too inspiring so far, so it's gonna have to be small, montaged photos for now. Plus, the one place I wanted to show off about was the one we ate at last night, but these posh places really should spend more on decent lighting, as all my pics came out somewhat meh.

Or maybe I should learn to use my camera better.

But anyhow, coming right up in a bit as soon as I finish procrastinating.

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