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Thursday 8 January 2009

Domino’s Pizza, Greenwich

Before Pizza Hut changed its name to Pasta Hut (Don’t believe me? See here), it was the main contender for the Pizza Champions League Trophy. However, since the name change, I’m not quite sure what Pizza / Pasta Hut do anymore (Is it a bird, is it a pasta, is it a sweet shop. Who knows.)

When considering where to order my pizza from, there is only one place to choose from. No, not Pizza / Pasta Hut, but Domino’s.

Why? Because the pizza base is chewy and fluffy, the toppings are more creative and generous than that of Pizza / Pasta Hut’s, and the quality is consistent, almost guaranteed. They also do these fantastic dips to go with the pizzas.


This is the Meteor, a frisbee dough holding atop it sausages, meatballs and mince, slooshed in barbeque sauce.


Look, meatballs.


From what the Domino’s guy said, it seems most franchises do their own meal deals (usually for collection only), so you’ll have to call the franchise to know more. The one in Greenwich does a ‘Buy one get on free’ offer, as well as a ‘Any size pizza for £10.99’ which is the deal we used.


Anonymous said...

Pasta Hut must be an UK-only thing. All the Pizza Huts here are called, well, Pizza Hut!

Ah, pizza... Such controversial topic: thin crust, regular crust, deep dish; simple topings, odd topics ("Hawaiian", I am looking at you!)...

I don't like Pizza/Pasta Hut's because of the layer of fat at the bottom of the pie. Domino's is OK but not outstanding. Over here, in general, I will go to local small pizza parlours which (unfortunately) abound here. Nothing fancy just fast, cheap eats.

monchichi said...

The chain restaurants aren't the best I totally agree! There aren't places here like what you said, small pizza places. Instead we have takeaways which sell almost everything from pizzas, fried chicken, fish and chips, kebabs. Because of that, usually they're not that great at any one item, which means the pizza base tastes like cardboard. You ever tried the frozen variety that you cook in the oven? Some of them are quite nice.

Anonymous said...

I seriously love Domino's pizza. I just find it more concentrated with flavor. Not sophisticated flavor...just flavor, and sometimes that's good enough, like when eating reheated/day old slices out of the fridge as a midnight snack.

I see someone at the table likes to eat pizza with a knife and fork? :p

monchichi said...

Hi Dan, reheated pizzas are so fab! I know someone who likes day-old pizzas, but not reheated, not sure why ...
LOL the utensils weren't for the pizza, we had other stuff aside from pizza so it was prob for that. No utensils necessary for pizza!

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