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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Featured on Toptable! (best restaurant booking site in the UK, I’ll have you know)

Last Tuesday, I had about 260 visitors to the site. As I usually get about 30 a day (usually they get here by mistake thinking there’s a menu or something), this made me slightly surprised.

Someone likes the Zetter post alot.

Then, my friend told me on Facebook that my blog had been featured on …

Toptable 3

No, my blog wasn’t on the spring sale. The e-mail newsletter has my blog as BLOG OF THE WEEK. Being someone who is modest and really quite shy, I e-mailed everyone who knew about the blog to announce this feat.

I had my friend e-mail the newsletter to me, and decided that since this is my blog, I’d put something up here (in case other magazines, sites, newspapers, restaurants offering free food, are interested).


If you don’t already know (tsk), Toptable is the top UK site for restaurant bookings and reviews. I use it quite alot to book restaurants as you get points each time, and when you have 1,400 points you get a free meal. As someone who is always happy to have free meals, you can see the attraction. The post on the Zetter featured the 50% offer from Toptable, I guess that’s why featured it.

Toptable 2

If anyone from Times magazine (or anyone offering free meals) wants to feature me, all you have to do is ask.


Anonymous said...

Thats Awesome !! Congratulations ! I have always enjoyed reading this site and its thrills me like deepsea fishing never knowing whats the next interesting review coming up.Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You really deserve it!

monchichi said...

Hi there holahola and KimHo, those are very nice comments!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monchichi,

Its the toptable marketing team here. We really love your blog and are really pleased your saw your mention in our newsletter. Please get in touch via press@toptable.com

Look forward to hearing from you!

toptable marketing team

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Its really not just plain sailing like 'piece of cake' to continuously write and photograph the food that you queued so long and so hungry, only to still delay longer to take some shots before you tuck in ha. can you imagine convincing your friends to wait too??
Keep it up, esp the great pics!

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