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Tuesday 3 March 2009

Thai Silk, O2 Dome, Greenwich, London

The O2 is a huge, round dome located at the edge of the River Thames by Greenwich, London. In line with naming everything ‘millennium’ something or another, this round James Bond landing pad is also known as the Millennium Dome.

When it was initially built, there was simply more space than necessary, which couldn’t be filled with shops. No shops and alot of space meant no profits, which led to the sale of the dome for something really cheap (before the £ was worthless).

There are at least restaurants and clubs now in the O2 Dome, and most days there are concerts and events going on here. As a result, there are many (if not all) chain restaurants here, some good, some not so good.

I’d been to Thai Silk once previously, when there was absolutely no one else dining in there apart from my group. This time around, the restaurant was quite full, mainly with people who looked as though they were waiting to go to a gig (bored-looking, and with not much food on the table).

As we were there for a light meal, I tried to go easy on the ordering but somehow, still ended up with 1 starter and 2 main meals.


Chicken wings, stuffed with some tofu mixture £3.50 (ish)

Nice, but not nice enough to cost £3.50 for 4 wings. I don’t know the exact price (navigating their website requires alot of directional skills which I don’t have) but I know I ordered it because I was under the impression that I’d get more wings than that.

While it was crispy, it was also quite bland. Not sure if someone told Chef that tofu is bland and that perhaps more seasoning should have been added in, but he certainly went light on the salt (unlike Carluccio’s). The chilli dip that came with it was not much help in adding to the taste.


Pad Thai £5-ish

How would I describe this. Well, imagine if you went to the shop and bought a dried pack of Thai noodles, read the instructions which said to soak it before cooking, and promptly ignored those instructions. Then, imagine putting these dried noodles (uncooked) into the frying pan, and frying it with the usual stuff you fry it with. Result?

Uncooked tasting Pad Thai, pretending to be cooked Pad Thai. The noodle was so hard that I couldn’t tell the difference between biting into the peanut bits and the noodle.


Pineapple fried rice £5-ish

This ‘fried’ rice was possible the most un-fried rice I’ve ever tasted. Even under the romantic dimmed lights meant for tricking food bloggers, the rice was very pink for something that was meant to be fried. It also tasted like it hadn’t been fried.

All these points which made me conclude that it had NOT been fried.

It tasted like sticky rice which had been mixed around with some tom yam soup and ketchup. In other words, slightly sour, slightly sticky and not fried. There was no fried egg bits in there, and the 5 prawns on top of the rice didn’t look fried either.

I’m going to put a map to this place below, but you might very possibly find nicer food at the local takeaway.

Google Maps to here!

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My Kitchen Antics said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed going through your reviews and i completely agree with you on a lot of things..i live in north Greenwich and am so familiar with the Greenwich/ black heath restuarants you have reviewed. Shall definitely keep visiting you.
PS: The roasts @ Pilot Inn are a personal fav of ours:)

monchichi said...

Hi An Open Book, thanks for coming by and hope to see you here more! There is a distinct lack of good restaurants in North Greenwich / Greenwich, but hopefully that will change soon! There's another place by the river which does good roasts, I hear, and I'll let you know how it goes when I've tried it!

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